Dating After 65: Finding Love in Senior Living

Dating After 65

Is dating in your golden years different from when you were young? In a word, yes! Not only do people change, how we live changes too. If you’re single and living in a senior living community, before you jump headfirst into the dating scene, take a look at how dating is different now after 65. […]

How to Plan a Move to Senior Living When You’re Over 65

How to plan a move

Moving is stressful and for people over 65 it can be much harder than it was decades ago. Not only are most seniors not quite as strong as they once were, they also have accumulated much more “stuff” that has to be moved or let go of. But with a little planning and common sense, […]

Considering a Move to Senior Living after Losing Your Spouse?


The death of a spouse is traumatic at any age, but for seniors, it can be especially difficult. After decades of sharing life and all its challenges together, everything is now on the surviving spouse’s shoulders, including making decisions about where to live. Before jumping into a move after losing a spouse, seniors should understand […]

Paying for Senior Living: Is a Reverse Mortgage for you?

Reverse Mortgage

There are many ways for older adults to fund retirement, and one that has seen a lot of commercial time lately is the reverse mortgage. It sounds simple: just convert some of the equity in your mortgage to cash. But in fact, a reverse mortgage can be complicated and may not be the best choice […]

Downsizing to Senior Living: Letting Go of Your Belongings as You Age

Letting Go of Belongings

Retirement means less work and more time for yourself and all the things you want and love to do. But it often also means it’s time for downsizing and letting go of possessions that you have accumulated, but no longer serve a purpose – especially if you’re making a move to a senior living community. […]

Steps to Maintaining Brain Health as We Age


Many people are concerned about developing dementia as they age, but according to the World Health Organization, “dementia is not a normal part of aging.” While most seniors do experience some level of memory loss or other cognitive declines, there are steps seniors can take to minimize it and even lower the risk of dementia. […]

Retirement Hobbies: Becoming a Writer Later in Life


Retirement is the time to explore new activities or revisit old hobbies. And one activity many people are drawn to is writing. Different people have different reasons for becoming a writer later in life. Some take up fiction writing as a means of creative expression. Others may be keen on sharing their life story and […]

Why Some Seniors Choose to Teach in Retirement


Teach in retirement to share what you’ve learned over the years, and you feel you have some wisdom to pass on. It may be a skill like knitting, or woodworking, or playing a musical instrument. It could be something you did for a living like interior design or business management. Whatever it is, you believe […]

Why Seniors Take Up Sports in Retirement Seniors

Senior Sports

Ahhhh… retirement! Finally, all day every day is open and ready to be filled with whatever makes you happy. For some seniors, it’s the first time in decades that they have enough time to take up a sport and actually get good at it. While sports aren’t for everyone, there are many reasons, including staying […]

Your Retirement Lifestyle: Mapping out the Next Phase

mapping out retirement

Is your retirement lifestyle what you hoped it would be? Maybe you went into retirement with big plans for how you’d spend your time. Or maybe, like many Americans, your focus was on saving for retirement. Day-to-day life as a retiree was something you simply figured out as you lived it.  Chances are you encountered […]