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Mon, June, 7, 2021

Finding a Senior Fitness Routine that Works Best for You

Most of us understand that the key to healthy aging is staying physically active. But following an exercise routine may feel like a chore. So how can you make it more enjoyable? One way is to stop thinking of exercise as something you need to do with expensive fitness equipment at a gym or at home. The key is to...
Tue, May, 18, 2021

How to Eat Healthy as You Age

For some of us, healthy eating doesn’t sound all that appealing. We think of it as giving up food we like for food that’s good for us (as in boring). It reminds us of our childhood when our parents insisted we eat our broccoli. It’s not easy to change our eating habits, especially as we get older. Even when a...
Tue, May, 11, 2021

4 Ways to Relieve Your Stress in Later Life

Overall, people in their sixties and beyond do a pretty good job of putting things in perspective. Research has shown that, as a group, they’re more content than younger people.  That’s not to say that later life can’t be stressful. Simply adjusting to retirement – finding purpose beyond your work life – can be anxiety-provoking for some. Feelings of loneliness...
Tue, April, 27, 2021

6 Ways to Make Friends Later in Life – and Improve Your Health

As we age, staying socially connected with family, friends, and our community is vitally important to our mental and physical health.  According to America’s Health Rankings, if we’re socially isolated in our later years, we’re at greater risk of experiencing poor health, including conditions like dementia and stroke. Odds are we’ll die sooner, too.  On the other hand, having social...
Staying Connected
Fri, April, 23, 2021

3 Fresh Ideas for Virtual Family Get-Togethers

When the pandemic began, many older adults suddenly found themselves separated from their adult children, grandchildren, and other important members of their family. And as the pandemic drags on, it’s been a struggle for many to feel socially connected. Zoom and FaceTime have helped bridge the gap, but only to a point. Being physically distant from family for such an...
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